ON April 25, 2017, the United Nationalities of Marbella will hold their second summit at Laude International College in San Pedro Alcantara.

Organised by Nicole King and televised via RTV Marbella Now, the aim of the day is to unite all the nationalities living here and give residents a voice to identify issues in Marbella and search for solutions together.

Everyone is welcome to share their ideas and experiences; translators available so everyone welcome. From 10am until 2pm there will be three sessions focusing on issues which relate to the three generations in Marbella.

Good weather forecasts over the Easter week look promising for hotels that are expecting 90 per cent room occupancy this year

There’s no other time of year when visitors and foreign residents have their eyes opened as much to the pomp and ceremony of religious tradition in Spain than Semana Santa (Holy Week). Across the country finishing touches are being made to this year’s events.

Mayor José Bernal welcomes the director of Norway's professional football league to promote the town as a potential training bas

Marbella’s Mayor, José Bernal and the town’s councillor for Tourism, Javier Porcuna have met with Jo Bergsvand in an attempt to endorse the town’s training facilities and encourage professional, foreign footballers to train in Marbella.

The meeting comes after the provincial government of Malaga announced that this winter approximately 4,800 footballers trained and played matches in sports grounds around the province this winter. They revealed that the expenditure of the footballers, in addition to the money spent by the loyal fans that followed them, raised an estimated 6.5 million for the province.

The town's Tourism councillor and mayor both gave details in separate meetings of the impact on the area and the likely economic boost.

Following last week's announcement in Hong Kong that the Starwood-Marriott group will open a luxury hotel in Marbella in 2021, local councillors have been explaining this week the likely impact on the town.

The low-density hotel, under the exclusive W brand, will be built on just a third of the 151,000 square metres of land alongside Real de Zaragoza beach, to the east of Marbella town towards Elviria. The total cost of the project, to be carried out by Platinum Estates, is expected to be over 200 million euros.

The company, which is part of the Starwood group, made the official announcement about the new project in Hong Kong on Thursday

A leading luxury hotel chain is to open an establishment in Marbella. On Thursday, the W chain signed an agreement with the Platinum Estates investment group, which is developing a project in the area of the sand dunes at Real de Zaragoza, to manage the hotel, which is expected to open in 2021.

There had been rumours that the investment group, based in Singapore, and the hotel chain, one of the most important in the world’s luxury sector, were planning to join forces on an important project, but due to a confidentiality clause, neither party to the agreement wanted to give any details until the deal was signed and the official announcement was made in Hong Kong.

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